Delta Chi's Eboard & Committee Chairs

This is a list of our chapter's eboard and chairs. The eboard and committee chairs are elected by the brothers of the chapter. They plan events for our fraternity and represent us to nationals and other schools.

Position Eboard Name Email Year Class
President Sara Kujalowicz 2020 ΑΘ
Vice President Timothy Urban 2020 ΑΙ
Recording Secretary Andrew Johnson 2021 ΑΚ
Corresponding Secretary Andrew Johnson 2021 ΑΚ
Treasurer Siddhant Bapat 2021 ΑΚ
Rush Advisor Wenjing Wei 2020 ΑΚ
Initiate Advisor Victoria Raso 2021 ΑΚ
Parliamentarian Eddie McGowan 2020 ΑΘ
Historian Surge Zhu 2021 ΑΚ
Fellowship Andrew Johnson 2021 ΑΚ
Leadership Nathalye Terrero-Martinez 2019 ΑΘ
Awards & Scholarship Jenna Catalano 2021 ΑΛ
Fundraising Brennan Kuchinski 2019 ΑΚ
Public Relations Natalie Morgan 2021 ΑΛ
Alumni Surge Zhu 2021 ΑΚ
ICR Co-Chair Kirsten Hernandez 2019 ΑΖ
ICR Co-Chair Amanda Korwek 2021 ΑΛ
Tech Chair dePaul Miller 2020 ΑΚ
Previous Tech Chair Marta Kasica-Soltan 2021 ΑΛ
Fundraising Co-Chair Zaef Sikder 2021 ΑΛ
Brother At Large Cole Geryak 2019 ΑΖ
Brother At Large Jack McBryan 2019 ΑΘ
Brother At Large Bailey McDonald 2019 ΑΖ
Fellowship Phi Sigma Pi Nationals 0000
Leadership Phi Sigma Pi Nationals 0000

Other Elected Positions

Here are other elected positions that are currently serving our chapter.

Position Name Email Grad Year Class
Grand Chapter Delegate Amanda Korwek 2021 ΑΛ
Grand Chapter Alternate Victoria Raso 2021 ΑΚ
Alumni Advisor Jason Sadler 2018 ΑΔ
Alumni Advisor Stella Maher 2004 Α
Alumni Advisor Carl Blew 2016 ΑΑ
Alumni Advisor Jack McBryan 2019 ΑΘ
Alumni Advisor Jaclyn Sands 2017 ΑΕ
Alumni Advisor Stephanie Cook 2017 ΑΒ