Delta Chi's Brothers

Lehigh University's chapter of Phi Sigma Pi prides itself in its brothers. Without each of their presence and activity, our fraternity would not be the same. Here is a list of all of our current brothers. Click on anyone's name to learn more about them, his/her email to send them a message, or his/her class or graduation year to view brothers just from that grouping.

Name Δ Email Year Class
Aatika Rizwan 2022 ΑΞ
Asher Hamrick 2023 ΑΞ
Carter Schmalzle 2022 ΑΞ
Cole Kuehmann 2022 ΑΞ
Dylan Loiacono 2023 ΑΞ
Elena Myalo 2022 ΑΞ
Hannah Clarkson 2022 ΑΞ
Lesly Montano-Garcia 2023 ΑΞ
Linh Thai 2023 ΑΞ
Madison Hernandez 2023 ΑΞ
Manyi Guo 2023 ΑΞ
Menglin Jiang 2022 ΑΞ
Sydney Belej 2022 ΑΞ
Wendy Xu 2022 ΑΞ
ZiYi Xuan 2022 ΑΞ

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