Delta Chi Chapter

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Delta chi is the local chapter of Phi Sigma Pi in Lehigh University. We're a honors fraternity based on the pillars of Fellowship, Leadership and Scholarship. Anyone can join, as we're dedicated to inclusion and diversity among our members. Overall, the group focus on creating academic opportunities for its members and long-lasting relations, based on a mission of having a honorable life of social service and constant intellectual growth. Here, you can connect with many groups around the Lehigh campus and even on a national level if you wish. Or if you want to develop and learn new skills, Delta Chi is also a great place for that.


The PSP Tripod of Leadership, Scholarship and Fellowship is the base values of our honors fraternity. What that means is that we do events based on them, like voluntary work, skill learning seminars and picnics, to name a few.


Scholarship is much more than academic standing, as it involves the discovery of new knowledge and skills, as part of the "always learning" mindset of Phi Sigma Pi. Its events are often things like origami night, painting events and documentary sessions


Leadership is about the development and application of the eponymous set of skills. Events here involve volunteer work, seminar from community leaders and comphrension of unexpected situations and their solutions


Fellowship is about connecting and bonding with the brothers that accompany you on your journey. As one normally becomes a member of life, it is important to create camaradarie and teamwork between members, so that everyone can have a better time together. Events here consist of picnics, movie nights and the Semi-formal.


To join us, it's quite simple! You just need one semester of college and 3.0+ GPA. After that, go visit some recruitment events and wait for your bid! Afterwards, there is an initiation process where you are introduced to the workings and people of Delta Chi, and see if you feel comfortable here!